Region of Victoria

The Region of Victoria Incorporated is offering a Grant of Friendship to an overseas Soroptimist who speaks Fluent English to visit our region from Sunday April15th 2018 until May 6th 2018. This will coincide with the South West Pacific Conference of Clubs to be held in May 2018.

The Region of Victoria comprises 12 clubs located in Melbourne and environs and also country areas. Please visit: The recipient will be offered home stays with each stay usually for two to three nights. The grant includes travel, and accommodation within the Region during their stay. The recipient will also be entertained by members of clubs in our Region who will show her their particular places of interest.

The recipient will be required to pay for her travel, and visa to and from Melbourne, Australia; and fund her own travel and medical insurance Visa research should be undertaken in your own country prior to your application. The recipient will be required to share her Soroptimist experiences with the clubs in our Region, formally and informally for the period of the three weeks. We request relevant health and special diet information from the Recipient, who would need to be able to move independently as there would be significant travel during their stay. Preference will be given to a Soroptimist who has not already received a Grant of Friendship.

Soroptimists are invited to send their ‘reason for application’ to be received by 20th October 2017 Australian date/time; to Sue Whitehead, Past President of Region 2013-2015 and our Grant of Friendship/ Hospitality Co-ordinator at:

Please include your full contact details, interests, Soroptimist years of membership and positions held in their Club, Region/District, Federation levels. Please include a recent photo. We in turn will arrange accommodation and hospitality.

The Recipient will be given details of their host’s accommodation and contact details before they leave their country of origin and an outline of the program we offer.