This Project will tackle youth unemployment and reduce social ills, substance abuse, crime, prostitution, poverty and destitution

SI Petaling Jaya competed with 300 NGOs to win a coveted Seed Grant from Prime Minister's Office Agensi Inovasi Malaysia Berbudi Berganda to tackle youth unemployment and reduce social ills, substance abuse, crime, prostitution, poverty and destitution.

Recipient of the following awards:

  • Grant Sponsorship Award 2015: Prime Minister's Office Malaysia Agensi Inovasi Malaysia
  • Overall Grand Prize Winner – Social Impact Innovation 2015
  • SISWP Best Practice Award Winner 2016
  • AIM-MCII Social Public Private Partnership (SPPP) Grant Award Winner 2016

Project Information

Malaysia has more than 400,000 unemployed tertiary level graduates and almost one million school dropouts and jobless young people under the age of 30 years. Crime, trafficking, prostitution and drug related offences have reached alarming levels. In 2015, SI Petaling Jaya competed with more than 300 NGOs in Malaysia to win the Berbudi Berganda: Social Impact Innovation Challenge securing a Government grant of RM25,000 and Overall Grand Prize money of RM30,000 from Credit Suisse Bank. This challenge was sponsored by Agensi Inovasi Malaysia(AIM), an organisation under the Prime Minister's Department to tackle youth unemployment and reduce social ills, substance abuse, crime, prostitution, poverty and destitution.

SIPJ member Anusha Santhirasthipam pioneered and created a social impact innovation youth transformation and job placement programme that is carried out over 10 weeks to ensure Mindset Change & Personality Development, Vision & Goal Setting, Communication Skills & Public Speaking, Critical Thinking, Time Management, Teambuilding, Project Management, Dressing & Etiquette, Health/Lifestyle, Financial Management, Writing Effective Resumes and Intensive Coaching for Job Interviews, Business Plan & Budgeting.

The programme commenced in February 2015 in the city of Petaling Jaya inspiring and transforming young people to achieve mental and emotional preparedness, lifestyle changes and fitness, built confidence and self-esteem, inculcated values and work ethics to enable readiness for employment or business apprenticeship. Participants attained visible improvements in soft skills and core competencies not addressed by the Malaysian education system at either secondary or tertiary level. The programme matched graduates with potential employers and were placed in jobs that best fit their personality, goals, skills and capabilities.

In 2016, SI Petaling Jaya expanded this programme to Klang district to the communities of Pandamaran and Kapar that have alarming official statistics for crime, social ills and youth unemployment. In 2016, SEEED #JobsForLife has been recognised by the Malaysian Government and awarded National Blue Ocean Strategy (Social PPP) status which came with additional sponsorship of RM125,000 from Malaysian Collaborative Impact Initiative (MCII) and AIM / Prime Minister's Office to sustain this transformational training programme. To date, more than 120 young people have graduated from this programme, with 30% securing jobs within 2 months of graduation, 55% upskilled to take up tertiary education and 15% going into small business/ entrepreneurship.

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In 2017, SI Petaling Jaya is gearing up to conduct Train-the-Trainer modules to build capacity of volunteer trainers and facilitators (including interested SEEED graduates from 2015 and 2016 programmes) who will be enabled to run the programme in more locations with high unemployment, social issues and crime. SI Petaling Jaya is also exploring collaborations with educational institutions to improve outreach and public awareness.

SEEED #JobsForLife won SISWP Best Practice Award in 2016 and is happy to work with clubs in any other country to share training modules or conduct Train-the-Trainer programmes. For more information contact or Facebook @SIPJMalaysia




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