What is your club up to to celebrate 100 years.   Birthdays are such wonderful oppourtunites to renew friendships, gather together to celebrate and in the true Soroptimis Spirit, give generously of our time and resources to improve the lives of women and girls world wide.

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News from Clubs in our Federation

Read about the events and projects clubs are implementing to celebrating the C100 Tree Planting and the C100 Acts of Kindness. 

Soroptimist International Joondalup President Stella Beavis writes:

Our Club has been very busy, trying to complete activities and projects to celebrate the international 100TH birthday of the Soroptimist organisation, by October 2021.


100 Acts of Kindness -

We have knitted 100 beanies and scarves, to be distributed to the homeless of Perth, in time for the upcoming Winter.

We are filling 100 shoe boxes with small toys and stationery items, for disadvangaged children, to be circulated in our immediate area.

The gathering of information to make a collage of 100 acts of kindness, carried out by the members of our club.

C100 Plant 100 Trees

The planting of 100 trees, in collaboration with the Joondalup Council, is due to take place within the next few weeks. The Lord Mayor to be in attendance for the ceremony and the ensuing afternoon tea.

Research and documention of the history, via photos and archived information, relating to the 43 years the club has been in existence in the Joondalup area.

We are holding a Gala Dinner to celebrate the 100 year birthday of the institution to which we belong. The Lord Mayor and his wife to attend, along with speakers, local dignitaries and of course our SIJ members.

Lighting up of a newly completed bridge in our yellow and blue Soroptimist colours during 1 -3 October.

We are hoping that our activities have generated some much deserved publicity, not only for SI Joondalup, but for the Soroptimist organisation, world wide.

Soroptimist International Gold Coast

C100 Plant 100 Trees

SIGC Plant 100 Trees event celebrating our 100th birthday.  SI Gold Coast joined the Friends of Federation Walk and the City of Gold Coast in helping to revegetate and restore the 91 hectare Federation Walk Coastal Reserve at The Spit.
We had the opportunity to PLANT 100 TREES (or more) as part of celebrations for our Soroptimist International 100th Anniversary, coordinated by Gold Coast City Council. The very nature of this environmental activity will help to reduce carbon emissions, improve our environment, and have an impact on the very natural landscape of Federation Walk.
There were 1,100 trees planted by our members, and about 20 others.

si gold coast

SI Beenleigh, SI Brisbane South, SI Logan C100 Tree Planting

Members from the 3 clubs met at the Eagleby Wetlands to Celebrate World Environment day, and plant 100 trees for the Soroptimist C100 Tree Planting campaign,  5  larger trees were planted representing each of the 5 Soroptimist Federations, the balance of the trees/plants were endemic to the local environment, where an area of land is being regenerated.   Thank to Sally from Logan City Council for working with us during the morning, and then taking us for a walk through the wetlands,  we did see 2 black swans with their cygnets, afterwards we shared a beautiful morning tea.

beenleigh logan brisbane south

Soroptimist International Brisbane Water

In recognition of World Environment Day and to launch our Soroptimist centenary celebrations, SI Brisbane Waters gathered at Porters Creek, Wyong to plant trees provided by Central Coast Council.  One hundred years on, our motives relate to the threat of climate change and the need to regenerate bush areas to support clean air and water catchment and to preserve the environment of several endangered species, including Swift Parrots that migrate here from Tasmania each year. Under the guidance of two very informative council environment officers, we planned to plant 100 trees in the two hours allocated but came closer to 300. Well done ladies! (and some husbands who came to help!).

Watch the excelent video of the project here


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SI Lautoka 

This is an ongoing project, SI Lautoka as part of their Climate Change Project, have this year for the centennial C100 Tree Planting project,  planted  2,300 mangrove seedlings this year and well as the distribution of 50 vegetable and fruit seedlings to needy families to mark World Environment Day 2021.

SI Bangkok Climate Change C100 Tree Planting

Soroptimist and family members and friends traveled to Bangkachao Island where over 300 saplings were planted. 50 of each of two species were planted on dry land. 200 mangrove palm trees that do not have to be buried in the soil to flourish were tossed on the firm ground along a canal from kayaks.

The participants also collected any trash that they found. This is used by locals to recycle for community use. The local villagers are active in keeping the area clean and protecting the saplings. With this activity members are certain that the island will remain “the lungs of Bangkok.” pdf Read the report on this project here. (1.27 MB)


SI bangkok

SI Wellington C100 Plant 100 Trees

UntitledSI Wellington New Zealand given a donation to plant 50 native trees in New Zealand in an effort to help the environment and fight climate change.

As part of the C100 celebrations for Soroptimism our club decided to set up a native tree gift registry on Trees that Count. A tree registry is a great way to help crowd-fund for more native trees and have them planted on our behalf. More trees in our environment will help mitigate carbon emissions.

SI Wellington is part of SIANZ North Region who initiated this activity. The aim of SIANZ North is to donate 1000 native trees for planting in New Zealand. It will strengthen resilience and adaptive capacity to climate-related hazards and natural disasters


SI Ramu C100 Tree Planting 

On Saturday 12 June 2021 SI Ramu Members, family, friends and partners Planted 100 Trees to mark the 100 Years Celebrations for Soroptimist International. An organisation is as good as it's people and we have truly passionate women who volunteer their time and resources for a good cause. As our Sisters Celebrate this Special anniversary, we thought to celebrate as well to mark a remarkable occassion and reflect on what the organisation had done and how it can better itself moving forward.
Our Centenniel Celebrations coincided with the World Environment Day as well.
Our Club would not have been able to Celebrate with tree planting if it was not for our Partners who continue to support our club and we take this opportunity to offer our gratitude to:
1. Ramu Golf Club Captain Ian Samol and Executives for the continued partnership and allowing us to be back to plant more trees at the golf course;
2. Sustainability Department of Ramu Agri Industries Ltd for donating the 100 tree seedlings for us to use on the day;
3. Thank you to Head of Department for Sustainability RAIL-George Samson and family for being part of the event.
4. Thank you to Head of Department Security-RAIL Mr.Adam Yawing for partaking in the event along with Manager for Guard Dog in Ramu Mr Tamang.
5. Our local Screen Print Crew for your time and extreme effort in ensuring all our shirts were ready for Saturday morning, Thank you Hauslain Printing.
6. Our Children, Spouses, Family, Friends who joined with much enthusiasm and effortlessly planted the 100 seedlings in no time. Our babies who gave us the energy and zeal thank you. We also planted for our Linked Members not able to be there on the day and our other members not present.
7. Last but not the least, Madam President Maggie Adam and Club Executives for organising the event.
We had a wonderful morning planting trees, sunbathing and enjoying the cool fresh breeze bur more importantly we got together as Soroptimists to Celebrate 100 Years which is an Historical moment in itself. We finished off with a homemade cake to mark the occassion and parted ways fully satisfied of our event.
Congratulations Soroptimist International on 100 Years!!! Happy Centennial Celebrations to all around the world!!

ramu group

SI Brisbane C100 Acts of Kindness

soi brisbane 100 acts Members of SI Brisbane, Leigh and Helen went to Ngarrama - Midwifery Service Royal Brisbane Women's Hospital, to deliver 100 Baby Wraps as part of our 100 Acts of Kindness and to also help celebrate Soroptimists' International Centenary.

















SI Penang C100 Acts of Kindess

C100 Covid Care Packs for the Homeless, in conjunction with SISWP’s C100 Acts of Kindness, SI Penang initiated a collection of items for one hundred Care Packs for the homeless to include: 1) Face masks, 2) Hand sanitiser, 3) Toothbrush, 4) Toothpaste, 5) Soap, 6) Alcohol wipes, 7) Face towel, 8) Tshirt, 9) Socks, 10) Snacks

100 Covid Care Packs for the Homeless were distributed individually on Monday, 31st May 2021, a day before a national full lockdown was imposed due to the high number of Covid cases.

As there are cash and items remaining, SI Penang will continue to coordinate and distribute a total of 5 batches (500 Care Packs) throughout the state as there is an estimate of over 200 homeless amidst these groups of people. To-date, 3 batches of 100 Care Packs have been distributed.


 SI Launceston C100 Acts of Kindness

To celebrate the centennial, each month in 2021 SI Launceston has been undertaking 100 Acts of Kindness. Early in the year members were asked to submit suggested Acts of Kindness which were put into two boxes (individual acts and club acts). During meetings each member draws out an individual Act of Kindness and one member draws out a club Act of Kindness. The Acts are completed by or during the following meeting.
Individual Acts of Kindness include buying a drink or bringing a flower for a fellow Soroptimist, writing a note to a fellow Soroptimist who inspires you as the ideal Soroptimist woman to let her know how she inspires you, writing a complimentary note to a worker (eg retail assistant) who has given good service, and picking up rubbish from a public place and putting in the bin. Over the course of the year at least 100 individual Acts of Kindness will have been performed by club members.
Club Acts of Kindness involve all members in collective action. Examples include each member: bringing tins of soup to be donated to the Launceston Benevolent Society; bringing a bag of clothes to be donated to the Launceston Women’s Shelter; bringing underwear to be donated to Karinya Young Women’s Shelter, and the purchase of $100 worth of coffee vouchers to be handed to the homeless through a clinic at Launceston City Mission. Each monthly club Act of Kindness is valued at $100 or more, either cash or in-kind.
C100 Acts of Kindness have been a wonderful reflective and service activity, encouraging club members to actively show their appreciation for others and the environment, and to be more aware of the needs of others.               

launceston 100 acts of kindness


Soroptimist International Ba, were excited that after 5 months of lock down they were finally able to meet face to face to celebrate the 100th birthday of Soroptimist International. 30 guests were able to participate in the world-wide candle ceremony, also unveiling a Centennial banner in town, with the Region President as our Guest of Honour. We wore our SI facemasks and sash with pride.
SI Ba also participated in the C100 Tree Planting campaign, by providing 600 plants and trees, to a special school, for the school and parents, and the children were taught how to plant and care for the plants. A further 130 sandalwood trees were distributed to members, schools, churches, youth organizations and women’s groups. 100 sanitary items were distributed to the Golden Age home and HART (home for single mothers).

si ba

Soroptimist International Region of Malaysia - C100 Tree Planting

Soroptimist International Region of Malaysia launched its Centennial 100 Trees Planting Campaign with a first phase planting of forest seedlings at Tanarimba, Pahang in collaboration with Soroptimist International of Bentong. The 100 Trees Planting campaign celebrates 100 years of Soroptimist International’s service at the local, national and international level assisting women and girls to achieve their full potential.

SI Bentong will continue with the next phase of planting making up a total of 100 trees in collaboration with Tropical Rainforest Conservation and Research Centre who will also advice on the maintenance of the forest seedlings.

YB Wong Tack, Member of Parliament of Bentong, who launched the campaign applauded the effort of SI Region of Malaysia and hoped that many other organisations would plant millions more trees, even in and around Tanarimba which is close to the water catchment area which supplies water to the Klang Valley.

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President Suman, invites all to participate in the 100 Acts of Kindness to the Earth.



Suman asks that Soroptimists and friends from the South West Pacific join together to turn off their lights or power for 1 hour on World Environment Day the 5th of June.

Will you join with Suman in this campaign.  Individual actions can make a different to our planet, and when we all join toghether we can contribute to our Brilliant Future.   Switch to solar for the hour,  plan your hour with family and friends as you consider ways to protect our Earth.  

Can't switch off the power for 1 hour, consider leaving the car home or giving up public transport  on the 5th of June, and walking or using your bicycle for transport.  

Global warming, caused by carbon pollution from burning fossil fuels like coal, gas and oil, is having a huge impact on the world around us.  it’s impacting the people and places we love.

Join us for this 100th Birthday campaign.    Make a difference to our environment. 


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Clubs and Members are encouraged to get involved, 2021 is a year to celebrate and amplify the incredible work we do as a Soroptimist. A year of joy and achievement, a year to join together with our Friendship links old and new and create lasting change and impactful projects in our communities. 

A time to Celebrate the Bright Past and welcome the Brilliant Future of our organisation.

Soroptimist Reflections

Whether you have been a Soroptimist for many years or a short period of time, this 100 year celebration will give you time to reflect, analyze, jog your memory or make observations as we read the stories of fellow Soroptimists.  We hope you enjoy reading these reflections, they will be released throughout the year. 


C100 Plant 100 Trees

C100 Tree Planting logo transparent BG  

This Climate Change, Environmental Project has been designed to embrace the very first project undertaken by a Soroptimist Club, our Soroptimist sisters had a  vision 100 years ago to save the Redwoods, 100 years on from now image the legacy we will leave if every club in the SWP plants 100 trees, this mind blowing campaign to reduce carbon emissions, improve our environment, and the impact on sensitive landscapes.

See the full toolkit and resources in the downloads area of the website.

  folder C100 Tree Planting campaign


C100 Acts of Kindness

100 acts of kindness small size 

Since the founding of the very first Soroptimist club in Oakland, California in 1921, when the world was emerging from a world war, women were not encouraged to be part of a service organisation. Soroptimist International (SI) has sought to bring about changes to the lives of women and girls worldwide. Through its global network of five Federations and its dedicated volunteer membership of over 75,000, SI is driven by its mission of transforming lives through education, empowerment and by enabling opportunities

See the full toolkit and resources in the downloads area of the website.

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C100 Linked Hands

This campaign is still being developed but will incorporate the work you do with your friendship link clubs, or create a new link with a Soroptimist club. Work together to develop a project which will deliver change to your communities.   Prosper across the borders with our sisters.  More to come on this campaign as the Friendship Link Convenor Zareena Bi works to develop this campaign.

Brilliant Futures Fund

The Centennial committee wishes to leave SWP with a lasting legacy of this 100 year celebration.  The objective of this fund is to provide a funding stream for a club, a region or a country to implement or continue a new phase of a project which they would not be able to deliver without substantial funding.  To find out more about this fund visit the Brilliant Futures Fund page 

Virtual Walk 

This exciting fun campaign will keep us fit, and knowledgeable as we join into teams and virtually walk across our Federations to the Soroptimist International Virtual 100 year Celebration.   We will travel to other countries, view projects past and present, learn about historical SI happenings and virtually meet with fellow Soroptimists. This will be an event you will not want to miss out on. 

Customised SISWP logo Postage Stamps

Australian Soroptimists are encouraged to purchase customised Australian postage stamps using the 100 year SI Emblem.   This will promote the 100 Centennial year to a wide range of people.  Clubs should consider purchasing a sheet for club postage needs.   A sheet of 20 Australian postage stamps can be purchased from Australia Post at this webpage for the lost cost of $25.00AUS