Read more how SISWP Clubs are working together helping those in need during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

SI Petaling Jaya Care packs 1SI Petaling Jaya, Malaysia - Food Packs

During the third week of lockdown in Malaysia,  whilst maintaining lockdown and social isolation regulations, members of SI Petaling Jaya also recognised a greater need emerging in this time of crisis.

"It is one thing to remain at home whilst you are still drawing a salary, or wages or able to live off savings. It is quite another to be a daily wage earner where no work means no pay which translates into no food. Last year, SI Petaling Jaya supported 3 children's shelters and one refugee center with the 'Shoebox Project'.

Unable to replicate the project this year due to the Coronavirus constraints the Club decided to instead raise funds and ensure that these families and children received food until the end of lockdown, funds permitting. The 3 shelter homes comprise a total of 36 children; 13 young children, 10 teenage girls, and 13 teenage boys. There are 61 children at the refugee center who form 51 families. SI Petaling Jaya would also like to acknowledge their gratitude to all those who donated to this worthy cause. 

SI Bayside 2SI Bayside, Australia - Care Packs

SI Bayside project last month focussed on looking after the front line workers and families and children during the lockdown. Care Packs were made up and delivered to the Redlands Hospital, and then Care Packs were also delivered to the clients of Maybanke (Redlands women's DV refuge), followed by a third delivery of toys, games, books, and puzzles to help entertain the families at Maybanke.

All these items were donated by SI Bayside members. The staff were delighted and so glad to get them in time to distribute before Easter. The last packs to the Maybanke Centre contained some Easter chocolate treats as well.

SI Ipoh2SI Ipoh, Malaysia - Care Packs

SI Ipoh answered a call for a shortage of toiletries, medical supplies, diapers etc by MPKSM Ipoh Rumah Sejahtera Jelapang, an aged care home with 39 residents. "In times like this, it is not convenient for our senior friends to stand in long queues to buy basic necessities. They all just want to keep healthy and stay home".
SI Ipoh wishes to thank Billion Supermarket Jelapang for delivering the care packs.

SI PenangSI Penang, Malaysia - Medical Frontline Project

On a daily basis since March 23rd, the members of SI Penang have been delivering food to essential health workers. They are raising funds however they can to continue to provide this valuable service. If your club would like to assist with donations please contact


SI Kemang 1SI Kemang, Indonesia - Protective Clothing Project

SI Kemang members were concerned that many hospitals in Indonesia lack of self-protection equipment for their staff. SI Kemang has been involved in fundraising for buying and distributing self-protection equipment for the medical team in several hospitals in Jakarta and other cities out of Java. SI Kemang members are seeking ongoing donations to enable them to continue to supply this equipment, please contact


SI BangsarSI Bangsar, Malaysia - Online Connecting

SI Bangsar Club decided to get online to reach out and connect with members and friends by holding a Focus on Self Care in Lockdown seminar in celebration of World Health Day.


SI Ulaanbattar1SI Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia - Care Packs

SI Ulaanbaatar club has been working with National Centre Against Violence for about 20 years, and on April 20th, the club members donated food, children's clothing, and toys to the local aid Centres.



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