Meet the 2020-2022 Membership Team

You can contact the 2020-2022 Membership Team on all new email addresses.

Joanne YeohJoanne Yeoh SI Damansara, Malaysia

Role: Assistant Membership Convenor for Asia.

Joanne has been an active Soroptimist since 1998, and served as President of her club, region, as National Representative of Malaysia, and Federation Zone Program Co-ordinator. She was the Local Co-Chair of Logistics and Operations of the Soroptimist International Convention KL 2019.

Joanne’s professional background in investment banking, public relations and investor relations is firmly entrenched in training. Her passion has always been for education with a focus of helping financially and emotionally challenged youths and children to help realise their potential, especially through Literacy, self-development and skills training. She is currently the President of the YWCA of Kuala Lumpur, and a Board Governor of the YWCA Vocational Training Opportunity Centre.

My focus for the next biennium is to build the membership in our Asian countries in the Federation, to be the point of contact for existing clubs (without a region) and to help ailing clubs to resuscitate and grow. The bonus will be to start new clubs in the Asian countries which do not have any Soroptimist presence.


Wendy May LoganWendy May Logan, SI Mackay, Australia

Role: Assistant Membership Convenor for Australia.

Gooday all, I have been a member of North Queensland since 1998, chartered with the Burdekin Club, and transferred to Mackay Club. I have held various roles at club and region levels, including the SISWP Zone 2 Programme Co-ordinator and now my 2nd term as Assistant Membership Convenor for Australia. You can’t possibly learn so much of a role until you have traveled it so another 2 years will hopefully bring some changes to our ways of retaining and increasing membership and sourcing new clubs.

Guess what? I am now retired and enjoying every bit of it.

We know how hard it has been to attract new members, even with the help of enthusiastic younger members by trying virtual meetings and Facebook advertising. WHAT else can we do?

REMEMBER: One member can’t do this on her own, so I am reaching out for all the help that I can muster from clubs and members for ideas to share, please forward any ideas.

Jane Kenni smlJane Kenni, SI Ramu, Papua New Guinea

Role: Assistant Membership Convenor for New Zealand / Pacific

I joined SISWP in May 2002. As a young accountant working in a big accounting firm, I saw Soroptimism as a way to get away from number crunching and work stress. I got very involved and have had the opportunity to travel, meet women in the corporate world across the globe, be empowered to advocate for issues surrounding wellbeing for all, and to develop personally.

I realised that my problems were small compared to those who had no support system. Seeing vulnerable members of the community smile is worth a million kina. I realised I could do something within local and global communities. These challenges taught me to be persistent and seek alternative solutions; the opportunities gave me strength and confidence to do more for others and to take up Soroptimist leadership roles. The lifelong friendships gave support from powerful women around the world who are ready to impart knowledge and wisdom to another sister.

I have held positions as Treasurer, President and Membership, and Training Convenor at club level and PNG National Representative, SISWP Treasurer, and currently SISWP Assistant Membership New Zealand/Pacific.


Yvonne SimpsonYvonne Simpson QSM, SI Westland, New Zealand

Role: Membership Convenor.
Email address:

I have been a member of SI Westland since 1996. My motivation to join was to make friends in and serve my community. I stay because I see the bigger picture of the impact we make internationally, and the need to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Programme and Membership must work together.

My focus as Membership Convenor is to provide the resources to empower the Membership Team and SISWP clubs to recruit and retain members and to bring the Soroptimist mission to our neighboring countries. A starting point has been the introduction of new membership categories and a series of webinars. We need to be nimble and relevant to attract and keep members. I am blessed to have a wonderful SISWP Membership Team with which to work. One Soroptimist highlight was to be the international President 2015 - 2017.

My professional background is in secondary school education. I am currently working part-time as a co-ordinator of technology education through webinars.


PE Suman Lal 2Suman Lal, Fiji

Role: President, ex officio member of the Membership Team

Suman is very keen for us to develop our membership. She is an ex-officio, and will stay involved during her SISWP presidency.





christine johnstoneChristine Johnstone, SI Beenleigh, Australia

Role: President Elect, ex officio member of the Membership Team

Christine has a passion for membership and brings a wealth of experience. She is a member of the Membership Team, by right of her President Elect position