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Chartered: 03 Aug 1949
Meeting Time 2nd Thurs AND 4th Thurs both at 6.15 pm for 6.30
Venue 56 Kings Park Road, West Perth
Correspondence: PO Box 321
West Perth WA 6872
Country Australia

About Perth

SI Perth is part of Soroptimist International. We are committed to a world where women and girls together achieve their individual and collective potential, realise aspirations and have an equal voice in creating strong, peaceful communities worldwide. The name "Soroptimist" was created by combining the Latin words soror "sister" and optima "best", and therefore mean "best for women".

SI Perth meets every second Thursday at 6.15pm in our lovely club room on Kings Park Rd, West Perth. There is one business meeting and one social meeting each month.

Potential members are welcome. If you are interested, please email



One Off Projects:


"Breaking Poverty through Education" by Judy, club member, Soroptimist International Perth - 2017

Soroptimist Perth is providing funds for ten girls to attend school in Nepal. The cost will also include food, accommodation & other requirements. 

Why do these girls require this?

A few of the girls have their parents abandon them at a young age. Even if they do have parents, the entire upbringing with poverty they experience is heartbreaking. Some of their grandmothers take them on, but they themselves are about 60yrs of age. The grandmothers carry heavy plastic containers on their backs from one part of Katmandu to the other. All whilst holding these little girls also. The grandmothers cannot afford to put the children into school. Often families sleep on dirty, cold concrete as they have no home. Schooling is hard to afford and therefore education is hard to get for children. Not only that, it is boys who are given first priority to attend. 

The project is underway and uniforms for the girls to attend school will be made shortly.


Birthing Kits for Papua New Guinea - 2017

Birthing Kits were made in January for women in Papua New Guinea.

Why? Alot of women in Papua New Guinea are in such poverty that they have to give birth on the dirty ground amongst nature with nothing.

Therefore Soroptimist International Perth invited some volunteers along to assist us create birthing kits for these women. These would be at least something. They each included items such as a scalpel, cloths of different sizes & infant singlets. It was an enjoyable day with afternoon tea & a social atmosphere. Soroptimist International Perth paid for the frieght cost and most of the kit items were donated. 


Ongoing Projects:

Florence Rutter Scholarship - Curtin University 

Women's Refuge Assistance - Providing brand new cleaning items, toiletries & items of use

Small Change for Big Change

Carers WA