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Message from President Theresa Lyford

Conference of Clubs 2018 is now just 12 days out and your Conference Committee are getting really excited that all the planning is coming to fruition for what we hope will be a Conference to remember. We are trialling a few different things this Conference that we will hope make this enjoyable and showcase a different way of running our biennial Conferences.

It's also time to remember that this Conference is also going to achieve two major milestones. One is that this is the 21st Conference of Clubs to be held, so we are officially of age, and the second is that this is also SISWP’s 40th Anniversary of becoming a Federation. To celebrate at the Gala Dinner we are asking that you wear RED for the Dinner as red is the colour of choice for a 40th Anniversary. So what a weekend this will be to remember. Ladies bring along your dancing shoes ready to have a great party to celebrate the end of the 2016-18 Biennium and welcome in the 2018-20 Biennium with incoming President Anusha.

Our Conference Theme of “Inspiring and Innovative Women Shaping the Future” hope to bring to fruition my biennial theme of Innovate, Inform and Inspire and I sincerely hope that this past two years have been able to innovate, inform and inspire you all to take on challenges and grow as members, Clubs and as an organisation.

The Conference Committee has decided that as another way to reduce waste that for this Conference there will be no conference bag. Instead we will shortly be launching a tool that we hope members will be able to interact with during the Conference.

We will however, have some conference mementos available for purchase and I am pleased to announce we have a Conference of Clubs 2018 Badge that will be available for purchase at the Conference via HQ’s Shop.

COC 2016 2018 Gold Badge FinalCOC 2016 2018 Silver Badge Final2                                                                                                                                           

Our Conference of Clubs 2018 Badge is based around President Theresa’s Biennium 2016-18 Biennium theme. The replica diamonds celebrate our 21st Conference of Clubs, and the replica ruby is to celebrate our 40th Anniversary of Federation Charter.

These stunning badges will be available for purchase at the SISWP HQ Shop for AUD$25. The SISWP Shop will be open during the Conference on Friday 4th May and Saturday 5th May.

Have you checked out our latest update of our Conference Program. On Saturday 5th May we will be running a series of Workshops in the afternoon, and I urge you all to check out what sort of workshops you would like to attend and ensure that you book early when you arrive to Register so that you can get into the workshops of choice.

More to come over the next 12 days so please keep an eye out for our Facebook and Website announcements.

See you in Melbourne.

Theresa Lyford
SISWP President 2016-2018


Robyn Rose pic

Update from Conference Chair Robyn Rose

April 2018


The Conference Committee is counting down the days until the 2018 SISWP Conference of Clubs in Melbourne.  In the last few days the weather has become quite autumnal which really means that the weather is perfect. Although it is always a good idea to bring a jacket with you as in Melbourne we often have four seasons in one day.

The committee is all learning how to work the conference app as our aim is to decrease paper use and reduce our footprint on the environment. Please bring your smart phone, tablet or laptop and join us in using this in the digital age.  We will have a limited amount of paper programs, if you require paper option please let me know by emailing

As another way to reduce waste there will be no conference bag with associated paraphernalia at the 2018 Conference of Clubs.  However there will be other mementos available to purchase.

In the next week or so you will find additional information on the website about restaurants in the area and the optional activities for the accompanying persons. Check the Conference FAQ's page.

SISWP Federation President Theresa and the Conference Committee encourage you to attend the whole conference to get the full view of Soroptimists at work across the South West Pacific Federation.

The Conference of Clubs is a great opportunity to be with likeminded women who are committed to transforming the lives of women and girls.




Robyn Rose
2018 Conference Chair

Guest Speaker for Opening of Conference of Clubs


Informative and Inspiring Women

Molly Harriss Olsen


Molly Harriss Olson

Molly Harriss Olson is the CEO of Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand. She served nearly six years on the Board of Fairtrade International and as Chair for the final two.

Recognised for her leadership on sustainable business and development for more than three decades, Ms Olson has convened, led and been a member of numerous boards, business leadership and sustainability initiatives, including The World Economic Forum’s Global Leaders of Tomorrow.

In 2014 she received The Australian Financial Review and Westpac 100 Women of Influence Award.

Ms Olson worked at the White House as the founding Executive Director of the President’s Council on Sustainable Development, appointed by President Clinton in 1993.




  Stephanie Woollard

Stephanie Woollard

Stephanie is an international award winning social entrepreneur who began Seven Women at the age of just 22, after meeting seven disabled women operating out of a tin shed in Kathmandu, all struggling to make a living and enduring harsh discrimination.

Since 2006, Seven Women has been working to empower marginalised Nepalese women by equipping them with the skills and know how to thrive. Twelve years later, over 5,000 women have been educated, trained and employed, transforming their lives and their communities.

Stephanie is one of only six worldwide to have her work recognised with a Rotary Responsible Business Award, presented at the United Nations in New York.




Joanna HayterJoanna Hayter

Joanna currently sits on the Ministerial Advisory Council for Women’s Equality in the Victorian government.

She has worked in the international development, human rights and social justice sector for 30 years.

Joanna was awarded an AO in 2018 for distinguished service to women in the areas of gender equality and individual rights through leadership and policy development roles and for the promotion of global health, peace and security.

In 2013, Joanna was named as one of Australia’s 100 Women of Influence and in 2016 Joanna was inducted into the Victorian Honour Roll of Women.

Joanna was the CEO of International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA) from 2010 -2017.


Kristi Van EsKristi Van Es

Kristi Van Es is the Founder of Offspring, a not for profit organisation working with young women rescued from sex trafficking in Kolkata, India.

Kristi left her job as a high school teacher and moved to India in 2014, where she established a trauma informed transition center to work with survivors in the areas of vocational training, education and emotional support. Offspring aims to help reintegrate these young women back into the community, with a renewed sense of hope for the future.


 Dr Sita BalshawDr Sita Balshaw

Dr Sita Balshaw is a health scientist who works in the field of public health and wellbeing protection.

She has 15 years’ experience working as an independent researcher, private consultant and as a public servant for State government where she has been responsible for the development of health protection response and intervention programs for chemical contaminants in the environment.

In this capacity Sita has focused her career on advocating for health protection through community engagement and the protection of the air we breathe, the food we eat, the earth we live on, and the water we drink.

Currently employed as the Senior Policy Advisor – Contaminated Sites for NSW Health, Sita provides high level technical and strategic advice with regards to contaminated sites and environmental hazards where public health issues require appropriate government response.




Heather MachinHeather Machin RN MBA PhD Candidate

Heather is a Nurse with duel responsibilities across the global ophthalmic nursing and eye bank sectors. Working directly with ocular transplant services, seeking to protect donors and improve equitable eye transplant allocation processes globally, she has led national and global bioethical tissue framework projects and sector education and capacity development projects, and has published widely - receiving numerus awards and nominations. 

Heather has worked in over 30 countries, previously with ORBIS International’s Flying Eye Hospital out of New York, and now as a consultant to the Fred Hollows Foundation NZ working in the Pacific Islands. She is Chair of the Australian Ophthalmic Nurses Association National Council; Project Officer to the Lions Eye Donation Service, Centre for Eye Research Australia (a World Health Organization Collaborative Centre for Blindness Prevention) University of Melbourne Project Officer to the Eye Bank Association of Australia and New Zealand; and Developer for the Global Alliance of Eye Bank Associations.


 SISWP 40th Birthday Celebrations 

Emily J RoycroftEmily J Roycroft

In 2017 Emily was the recipient of the Dame Margaret Blackwood Soroptimist Scholarship, for The University of Melbourne.

Emily is currently a PhD candidate at The University of Melbourne and Museums Victoria. She is broadly interested in the application of genomic data to understanding both macro and micro evolutionary processes. (Experts in genomics strive to determine complete DNA sequences and perform genetic mapping to help understand disease.)

Her PhD focuses on understanding evolutionary pattern and process in the rapid radiation of murine rodents in Australia and across the Indo-Australian Archipelago.

She undertook her BSc in Genetics and Zoology at Monash University.



Inspiring and Innovative Women Shaping the Future

Soroptimist Conference Biennium 2018 Website Banner


SISWP Conference of Clubs Day to Day Program

Thursday 3rd May

1:00pm              Board Meeting Concludes

2:00-4:00pm      Programme of Service (POS) Meeting

4:00-7:00pm      Registration desk open for the Business Meeting

6:00-8:00pm      Delgate Briefing

6:00-7:00pm      Accompanying persons Meet & Greet in the bar

Thursday evening is a free evening. No activities planned.


SISWP Conference of Clubs Day 1 - Day Events

Friday 4th May


Registration Desk will open for the Business Meeting

9:00-10:30am     Business Meeting for SI Delegates

10:30-11:00am   Morning Tea

11:00-12:30pm   Business Meeting Continues

12:30-1:30pm     Lunch

1:30-3:00pm       Business Meeting Continues

3:00-3:30pm       Afternoon Tea

3:30-4:30pm       Business Meeting Continues

4:30pm               Business Meeting Concludes


Opening Ceremony and Friendship  - Night Event

Friday 4th May

5:30-6:00pm       Arrival

6:00-7:30pm       Opening Ceremony

  •                             Flag Procession
  •                             Australian National Anthem
  •                             Welcome to Country
  •                             Speech: Federation President, Theresa Lyford
  •                             Speech: International President Mariet Verhoef-Cohen

7:30pm                Opening Ceremony Close


Friendship Night/21st Birthday Celebrations - Cocktail Party


SISWP Conference of Clubs Day 2 - Informative and Inspiring women

Saturday 5th May


Conference Information Desk open.

Session 1:

9:00-10:30am     Theme: Informative and Inspiring Women - Guest Speakers:

  •                             Molly Harriss Olsen, CEO Fair Trade
  •                             Stephanie Woollard, Founder of Seven Women
  •                             Joanne Hayter, Former CEO IWDA

10:30-11:00am    Morning Tea - First time attendees private morning tea with Federation President/Executive


Session 2:

11:00-12:30am    Theme: Younger Inspiring and Innovative Women - Guest Speakers:

  •                              Dr Sita Balshaw, Senior Policy Advisor – Contaminated Sites for NSW Health
  •                              Heather Machin, Nurse - Fred Hollows Foundation NZ 
  •                              Kristi Van Es, Founder of Offspring

12:30-1:30pm       Lunch

1:30-3:15pm        Workshops: Please choose one workshop in each round and register for the workshop when you sign in for the conference at the registration desk on Thursday or Friday.

Workshop Round 1:


                            a) Leadership, Programme and Recruitment Johanna Cogle - SI North Shore NZ

                            b) Getting the most out of Social Media - SISWP ICT Liaison Christine Johnstone

                            c) Advocacy - Whose Voice and Where? Featuring a panel of recent CSW62 attendees


Workshop Round 2:


                            a) Sharing your success stories and learnings for attracting young people to Soroptimism - SI Cootamundra NSW

                            b) Getting the most out of Social Media - SISWP ICT Liaison Christine Johnstone

                            c) Advocacy - Whose Voice and Where? Featuring a panel of recent CSW62 attendees

                            d) From Where We Stand - Shaping the future of criminal justice system for women in the South West Pacific - SI On The Terrace WA

3:15-3:45pm        Afternoon Tea

3:30-5:30pm        National Meetings

5:30-6:30pm        Membership Meeting - Incoming Membership Team

Saturday evening is a free evening. No activities planned.


SISWP Conference of Clubs Day 3 - Day Events

Sunday 6th May


Conference Information Desk open.

Session 1:

9:30-10:00am     International President Mariette Verhoef-Cohen

Session 2:

10:00-10:30am   Best Practice Awards
10:30-11:00am   Morning Tea - First time attendees private morning tea with Federation President/Executive
Session 3:
11:00-12:30pm    Celebrating 40 Years of SISWP - Evolution of a Federation
12:30-1:30pm       Lunch
Session 4: 
1:30-2:30pm         SISWP Annual General Meeting
Session 5:
2:30-3:00pm          Conference Wrap Up
3:00-3:30pm          Afternoon Tea
Session 6:
3:30-4:30pm         Official handover from President Theresa Lyford to President Elect Anusha Santhirasthipam

4:30pm                  SI International Convention Chair

5:00pm                  Conference Finish

SISWP Conference of Clubs Day 3 - Evening Event


Conference Gala Dinner and dancing - SISWP 40th Birthday Celebrations



The Conference Planning Committee are keen to welcome member’s partners and friends to the May 2018 COC. 
Several partners of the Committee have been working on a Partners Program and are excited about the tours and opportunities available to explore Melbourne and a couple of the Victorian regions.

Thursday 3rd May 

Partners Welcome, Meet and Greet at the Pullman Cafe/Bar area at 6.00pm.

Available Tours are:

Melbourne Cricket GroundFriday 4th May - 11:30am - 3:30pm

Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) & National Sports Museum tour

Cost is AUD$99 pp

Nothing can match the tradition and heritage of the iconic Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Explore the inner sanctum of the MCG, walk on the hallowed arena and experience where legends play by taking a guided MCG tour! Gain an insight into Melbourne's sporting culture while exploring one of the world's most iconic stadiums, as you hear from our proud MCC volunteers and go behind the scenes of the 'G.

Highlights of this must-see tour include: • The famous MCC Long Room • MCC Library (founded in 1873) • MCG Tapestry • Player change rooms • Cricketers’ viewing room • Ron Casey Media Centre • Portrait of Sir Donald Bradman and Sachin Tendulkar • A walk on the arena • Cricket Victoria Bill Lawry Centre • Ponsford Stand • City Terrace with views of Melbourne’s skyline • Entry to National Sports Museum • One Couse Hot Meal at an exclusively set table arrangement in the Hugh Trumble Café • Door to Door Transport

To Book this tour Go to:

Please Note: some areas on the tour route are subject to availability and alteration. Minimum numbers – 15 guests


Geelong and Bellarine 4Saturday 5th May - 9:00am - 5:45pm

Bellarine Peninsula tour

Cost is AUD$165 pp

Wildlife, Chocolates, Wine & Water

Join us for this magic day out as we make our way out of Melbourne and towards Victorias 2nd largest town – Geelong. We will head towards the Great Ocean Road and Anglesea – Home of the Great Ocean Rd Chocolaterie. Here we enjoy a hosted chocolate tasting with plenty of time to purchase ourselves some decadent morning tea and treasures to return home with.

Having tempted and satisfied our tastebuds we travel to the Jirrahlinga Wildlife Sanctuary. This five acre property is a haven for injured wildlife. Here you will have the chance to get Geelong Bellarine 2.pdfup close & personal with koalas, wombats, wallabies and kangaroos.

Next we head to Terindah Estate to enjoy a lovely social lunch with a glass of wine or soft drink. Relax and take in the beautiful ocean views and enjoy a guided tasting of the wines produced at this most beautiful vineyard. Our last adventure for the day is a relaxed 1.5-hour journey across the Bay to Docklands on the Port Phillip Ferry. Take in the beautiful ocean scenery as you travel, keeping an eye out for Dolphins, Whales and other sea life or make use of the free Wi-Fi on board.

Inclusions: Bus, Driver, Hosted chocolate tastings, Entry to Jirrahlinga, Lunch including a glass of wine, Ferry Journey from Portarlington to Docklands

To Book this tour Go to:

Please Note: All venues & activities are subject to availability and alteration. Minimum numbers – 10 guests


Mornington PeninsulaSunday 6th May - 9:30am to 4:00pm

Mornington Peninsula tour 

Cost is AUD$155 pp

Chairlift, Cheese, Lunch & Wine

Join us on this lovely day out as we head down to the Mornington Peninsula. Our first stop is at Main Ridge Dairy - a farmhouse cheese factory and goat dairy. Here we will meet some of the goats and enjoy a cheese tasting platter in beautiful surroundings. Please feel free to purchase a glass of local wine, beer or cider to enjoy with your cheese. 

Next we head to Arthurs Seat lookout. Here we board a state-of-the-art gondola at the Arthurs Seat Eagle and fly over the state forest to the highest point of the beautiful Mornington Peninsula. You will be torn between looking at the breathtaking view across the bay to the city and spotting wildlife as you soar high above the trees. Either way you have a bird’s eye view.

Mornington Peninsula 2Our bus will collect you at the bottom of the chairlift to head off the next venue. Time for lunch as we visit the quaint homestead of Dromana Estate and enjoy a guided wine tasting Mornington Peninsula 2and leisurely lunch. An array of locally sourced, mouthwatering antipasto platters, gourmet pizzas, salad, wedges and a cheese board along with a glass of wine from the vineyards Mornington Estate range. After Lunch we head back to Melbourne arriving at around 4pm.

Inclusions: Bus, Driver, Cheese tastings, Chairlift ticket, Lunch with a glass of wine and wine tastings.   Please Note: All venues & activities are subject to availability and alteration.

To Book this tour Go to:

Please Note: All venues & activities are subject to availability and alteration.



Other informaiton about Melbourne you may wish to consider include:

"Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne" 
"What's on in Melbourne" 
"Viator Melbourne short tours"

Full details for each tour Click Here or email




The Pullman & Mercure Hotel, will be the venue for your conference experience, this upscale hotel is located near St Kilda and the Chapel Street precincts, the Pullman & Mercure Melbourne Albert Park is an upscale hotel overlooking picturesque Albert Park Lake, home to the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix. From here, it’s just moments to the top tourist attractions and activities in Melbourne.


Mercure Melbourne Albert Park Hotel

Located at 65 Queens Rd, Melbourne 3004

Mercure Superior King Copy



Conference room rate of $200.00 AUD, which will include ONE (1) Full Hot breakfast and Complimentary WIFI

To obtain this special conference rate, please make your booking direct with Mercure Guestroom using this hotel link.

 Or alternatively you can book direct with Hotel on (03) 8554 2528 or email hotel and quote "SISWP"






What to Do in Melbourne

Why not come a few days earlier or stay a few days later as there is so much to see and do in Melbourne and Victoria. 

 2018 Conference of Clubs from SISWP on Vimeo.

Don't forget to visist the Visit web site to see what else to see and do in Melbourne and Victoria.


 Conference Facilities

conference room

The Conference and Event Centre is one of the largest, most comprehensive function venues in Melbourne. With 2,600 square-metres of conferencing space encompassing 31 separate function rooms, our Melbourne CBD fringe hotel can accommodate up to 1,600 delegates.

Final Board Meeting for 2016-2018 Biennium

The Last Board Meeting will be held on Wednesday 2 May (8.30 am to 5 pm) & Thursday 3 May (8.30 am to 1 pm) at Pullman & Mercure Melbourne Albert Park.

Registration for Silent Observers - Not Board Members - is NOW CLOSED.

SWP Board Members 2016-2018 (Directors, Convenors, National Reps, MC and Appointees) have been sent all the information, if you have not received the information please check your SWP email accounts and contact Federation Secretary


Programme of Service (POS) Meeting

The POS Meeting will be held on Thursday 3 May 2018 from 2pm to 5pm.
The Programme of Service Committee comprises the following:

  • Federation Programme Director
  • Federation Assistant Programme Directors
  • Federation Programme CoordinatorsProgramme/UN Liaisons for each of the Regions
  • National Representatives of the countries which do not have Regions.

This is a reminder that all INCOMING POS Committee are expected to attend the meeting. Federation will reimburse travel costs for the Incoming POS Committee from Travel Pool. There is no travel pool reimbursement available to Outgoing POS Committee members.


First Board Meeting 2018-2020 Biennium

The First Board Meeting will be held on Monday 7 May 2018 (8.30 am to 1 pm) at Pullman & Mercure Melbourne Albert Park. All incoming SWP Board Members 2018-2020 are expected to attend this meeting and lunch.
Silent observers are welcome for the meeting only.

Registration for Silent Observers - Not Board Members - is NOW CLOSED.


Conference of Clubs 2018 - Visa Letters

Travellers to Australia need a valid passport. Visas are required by many visitors travelling to Australia. New Zealand passport holders are exempt.

Any member who requires a letter for your visa application from Federation please contact the Federation Secretary ASAP.

Please include the following information:

  • Full Name - First Name, Middle/Other Name, Surname/Family Name
  • Club and SISWP Membership Number
  • Position in Club/Region/Delegate
  • Passport NumberAccommodation details

Members and visitors planning on coming to Australia for the Soroptimist International of the South West Pacific Conference of Clubs 2018 should note that travellers coming to Australia will require a valid passport and visa.




Travellers to Australia need a valid passport. Visas are required by many visitors travelling to Australia. New Zealand passport holders are exempt.

The 21st Conference of Clubs has been registered with Department of Immigration and Border Protection and we require additional information which may assist you with obtaining visas.

The Visa to apply for is Visitor (Business Stream) Visa (Subclass 600).

Please ensure that you apply for your visas as soon as possible. If you require a visa letter from the Federation please contact Federation Secretary Sue Latta



3 Day Registration:

  • Conference Opening & Closing Ceremonies, Morning & Afternoon Tea and Lunch, Keynote Speakers, Panel Sessions, Workshops, Business Sessions, AGM, Cocktail Party and Gala Dinner

1 Day Registrations:

  • Friday: includes Morning & Afternoon Tea and Lunch, Business Session, Conference Opening Ceremony and Cocktail Party
  • Saturday: includes Morning & Afternoon Tea and Lunch, Conference Key Note Speakers & Panel Sessions and Workshops
  • Sunday: includes Morning & Afternoon Tea and Lunch, Conference Key Note Speakers & Panel Sessions, Workshops, AGM, Conference Closing Ceremony and Gala Dinner


Discount Rates:

Super Early Bird Rate


Early Bird Rate


Full Rate


Late Rate

$670 Closes 29th April 2018


As we are nearing the closure of Conference registrations, any registrations after Wednesday 25th April must be paid by Direct Debit or Credit Card: Select "Paypal" Payment Method.  (You do not require a Paypal account).


Cancellations after 1 February 2018 - Will incur a 25% fee of total Registration Fee

Cancellations after 1 March 2018 - Will incur 50% fee of total Registration Fee

Cancellations after 1 April 2018 - No Refund on Registration Fee





Below is information and some frequently asked questions together with answers regarding the upcoming Conference of Clubs 2018.

Transportation Options to & from Melbourne Airport

Please see below our guide to transportation from Melbourne Airport for your perusal.

For eligible Club Delegates or Position Holders entitled to SISWP Travel Pool Reimbursement, please be advised that a maximum of AUD 55.00 return trip will be payable (regardless of mode of transport) to and from the Melbourne airport.  Please remember to keep your receipt to submit with your Travel Claim.


If you are staying at the Pullman & Mecure Melbourne Albert Park

We recommend the quickest and most economical method of transport which is the Starbus Shuttle Service.

StarbusShuttle Service to or from Melbourne Airport

Pullman & Mecure Melbourne Albert Park Hotel guests are provided with a shuttle from Melbourne Airport through an external company Starbus. The fare is AUD 27.00 per adult & AUD 12.00 per child aged between 4-14 for a one way journey, infants travel free of charge, a discounted round trip is also available.

Click here to book a Starbus

Please collect your luggage on arrival and then call Starbus on 03 8378 8700 to advise you are ready to go. The Starbus operator will explain how to get to the collection area known as Groups and Charters. (See map below).

Please note: Starbus runs from Melbourne Airport between the hours of 6:00am to 9:00pm & departs approximately every 15 minutes. Starbus collections from our hotel start at 4:45am until 8:45pm, with a collection at 45 minutes past the hour, provided it is pre-booked.
Note: Starbus operates with a 20 minute collection window on all Hotel pick up's. This will be explained in further detail on your booking confirmation email.

 Starbus Airport Shuttle Map










Starbus collection area.

Please collect all luggage & then call Starbus on 03 8378 8700, if you do not have a mobile phone, Starbus provides free call phones inside T2 & T3. 

Click here to view a larger map 


Directions from Melbourne CBD to Pullman Albert Park Melbourne

Map pic

The best way for you to travel would be via tram from Flinders Street Station. Outside of the station is tram stop number 13 which is adjacent to Federation Square.
From this stop you will need to catch any one of the 3, 5, 6, 16, 64 or 67 tram services heading southbound (away from the city) and stop at number 27.
Turn right into Lorne Street and head towards Albert Park Lake.
The Pullman & Mercure Melbourne Albert Park is located on the next corner with the entrance on Queens Road.


Click here for Public Transport Victoria

If you are interested in hiring a car or a limousine or if you have any questions regarding the above options, please contact the contact the Pullman & Mercure Melbourne Albert Park on +61 3 85542570


Other Transport Options

Skybus (Takes you to Southern Cross Station in Melbourne CBD)

On arrival at the airport make your way to the Skybus ticket booth outside the domestic terminal and inside the international terminal. The express Skybus will take you to Southern Cross Station. A return ticket is AUD 38.00. 

The Skybus service runs every 10 minutes approximately.  If you are staying at or near the Pullman Mercure you can find taxis immediately outside the bus station.

If you are staying in a Hotel in immediate CBD District - There is a complementary hotel transfer service provided by Skybus.


If you are staying in a Hotel in the Southland and Dockland precint - There is also a Southbank Docklands Service – servicing hotels within the Southland and Dockland precinct. 

Click here for Skybus Website

Taxis from the airport

The cost from Melbourne airport to the city is anywhere from AUD 70.00 – 80.00 one way.

Uber from the airport

Ubers can now be requested from the airport to the city.

Click here for Uber Website


Conference Official Logos

We encourage you to share your experieinces of Conference on your social media sites, to assist with this conference logos for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram postings have been made available for you to use.   folder Click on this link to download and share whenever you are posting about the conference.


Conference Registration: 


Paying via PayPal

Q: Do I have to have a PayPal account to register and pay online?

A:  No. You do not need to have a Paypal account to pay by Direct Debit or Credit Card. If you wish to pay by Direct Debit or Credit Card, select the Paypal payment option at the end of the Registration form:

Tip Sheet Paying By Direct Debit or Credit Card without a Paypal Account1






  You will be redirected to the Paypal screen where you need to select the Pay with Debit or Credit Card option. Follow the steps to complete your payment.

Tip Sheet Paying By Direct Debit or Credit Card without a Paypal Account 















Registering for SISWP Board Meetings

Q: I want to register as an observer for the SISWP Board Meetings. When Can I do this?

A: Follow this link to Events on the SISWP Website to register.


Q: Can we register for a Trade Table at the Conference of Clubs 2018?

A: If you would like to have a trade table at the conference send a request by email to the conference committee at

 Numbers of tables are limited due to space available.


Q: When is the SISWP Annual General Meeting being held?

A: SISWP Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 6th May at 1:30pm.


Q: Is there a Partners Program?

The Conference Planning Committee are keen to welcome member’s partners and friends to the May 2018 COC.
Several partners of the Committee have been working on a Partners Program and are excited about the tours and opportunities available to explore Melbourne and a couple of the Victorian regions.

More Information Click Here


SISWP Shop at COC18

Q: Will there be a SISWP Shop at Conference to buy merchandise?

A: SISWP Shop Open Times below.

Friday 4th May:
Open 8:15am
Close 3:30pm

Saturday 5th May:
Open 8:15am
Close 3:30pm

Sunday 6th May:
Open 8:30am
Close 11:00am

To view items available and prices please Click Here to download Shop order form.

These stunning Conference of Clubs 2018 Badge will be available for purchase at the Shop for AUD$25.

COC 2016 2018 Gold Badge FinalCOC 2016 2018 Silver Badge Final

Our Conference of Clubs 2018 Badge is based around President Theresa’s Biennium 2016-18 Biennium theme. The replica diamonds celebrate our 21st Conference of Clubs, and the replica ruby is to celebrate our 40th Anniversary of Federation Charter.


Melbourne Information:

Q: Restaurants and Cafes close to Conference Venue?

A: Please see a list below of a selection of restaurants in St Kilda, Albert Park and Toorak Areas of Melbourne.

You can also Click Here to download further reccommendations from the Pullman & Mercure Hotel and Maps of near by places of interest Click Here.

Rosco's @ Chevron

Relaxed all-day cafe for Italian pizza, pasta and salads.


Open: Monday -Friday 11.30am-10.30pm
Saturday & Sunday

14/519 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne VIC 3004

 Phone: (03) 9525 2679

The Point Restaurant

Australian, Contemporary
Dedicated to serving the finest seasonal produce.


Open: Tuesday-Sunday,
12pm - 2:30pm & 6pm - LATE

Address: Aquatic Drive, Albert Park Lake VIC 3206

Phone: 03 9682 5566

The Botanical

It serves a generous, family-style menu in the restaurant, wine store and bar, celebrating the flavours and ingredients of Modern Australian cuisine and produce.


Monday – Thursday: 11am - 1am
Friday – Saturday: 7am - 1am
Sunday: 7am - 11:30pm

Address: 169 Domain Road South Yarra, VIC 3141

Phone: (03) 9820 788

Hunter's Kitchen & Bar

Locally-sourced fish, steak and salads served in a relaxed restaurant.


Monday to Saturday  7 am to 11 pm.


454 St Kilda Road, Melbourne VIC 3004

Phone: (03)9867 4466

Topo Gigio 

Australian/Italian influence


 Open: Tues-Sat12pm–9:30pm
Sun & Mon 5:30pm–10pm

Address: 432 Toorak Rd, Toorak VIC 3142

Phone: (03) 9827 5555


Q: Where is the nearest place of worship to Albert Park?

A: Please see a list below of Places of worship near Albert Park.

Anglican Parish of the Parks 

Address: 99 Bridport St, Albert Park VIC
Phone: (03) 9696 5116

Albert Park Baptist Church 


Address: 115 Kerferd Rd, Albert Park
Phone: (03) 9699 8407

Diamond Way Buddhism Melbourne Meditation Centre

Meditation in Albert Park, Victoria

Address: 63 Victoria Ave, Albert Park
Phone:0405 122 386

Saints Peter & Paul Catholic Church 

Address: 377 Dorcas St, South Melb
Phone: (03) 9690 5895

St Patrick's Cathedral  

Catholic Cathedral in East Melbourne

Address: 1 Cathedral Pl, East Melb
Phone: (03) 9662 2233

St. Luke's Anglican Church

Address: 210 Dorcas St, South Melb
Phone: (03) 9686 8521

South Port UnitingCare  

Within the tradition of the Uniting Church in Australia.

Address: 319 Dorcas St, South Melb
Phone: (03) 9690 1188

St Paul's Cathedral

Anglican church in the City of Melbourne

Address: Flinders Ln & Swanston St, Melbourne

St Joseph's Church  

Catholic church in Victoria, Australia

Address: 274 Rouse St, Port Melbourne
Phone: (03) 9681 9600







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