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Message from President Theresa Lyford

Conference of Clubs 2018 is now just 12 days out and your Conference Committee are getting really excited that all the planning is coming to fruition for what we hope will be a Conference to remember. We are trialling a few different things this Conference that we will hope make this enjoyable and showcase a different way of running our biennial Conferences.

It's also time to remember that this Conference is also going to achieve two major milestones. One is that this is the 21st Conference of Clubs to be held, so we are officially of age, and the second is that this is also SISWP’s 40th Anniversary of becoming a Federation. To celebrate at the Gala Dinner we are asking that you wear RED for the Dinner as red is the colour of choice for a 40th Anniversary. So what a weekend this will be to remember. Ladies bring along your dancing shoes ready to have a great party to celebrate the end of the 2016-18 Biennium and welcome in the 2018-20 Biennium with incoming President Anusha.

Our Conference Theme of “Inspiring and Innovative Women Shaping the Future” hope to bring to fruition my biennial theme of Innovate, Inform and Inspire and I sincerely hope that this past two years have been able to innovate, inform and inspire you all to take on challenges and grow as members, Clubs and as an organisation.

The Conference Committee has decided that as another way to reduce waste that for this Conference there will be no conference bag. Instead we will shortly be launching a tool that we hope members will be able to interact with during the Conference.

We will however, have some conference mementos available for purchase and I am pleased to announce we have a Conference of Clubs 2018 Badge that will be available for purchase at the Conference via HQ’s Shop.

COC 2016 2018 Gold Badge FinalCOC 2016 2018 Silver Badge Final2                                                                                                                                           

Our Conference of Clubs 2018 Badge is based around President Theresa’s Biennium 2016-18 Biennium theme. The replica diamonds celebrate our 21st Conference of Clubs, and the replica ruby is to celebrate our 40th Anniversary of Federation Charter.

These stunning badges will be available for purchase at the SISWP HQ Shop for AUD$25. The SISWP Shop will be open during the Conference on Friday 4th May and Saturday 5th May.

Have you checked out our latest update of our Conference Program. On Saturday 5th May we will be running a series of Workshops in the afternoon, and I urge you all to check out what sort of workshops you would like to attend and ensure that you book early when you arrive to Register so that you can get into the workshops of choice.

More to come over the next 12 days so please keep an eye out for our Facebook and Website announcements.

See you in Melbourne.

Theresa Lyford
SISWP President 2016-2018


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Update from Conference Chair Robyn Rose

April 2018


The Conference Committee is counting down the days until the 2018 SISWP Conference of Clubs in Melbourne.  In the last few days the weather has become quite autumnal which really means that the weather is perfect. Although it is always a good idea to bring a jacket with you as in Melbourne we often have four seasons in one day.

The committee is all learning how to work the conference app as our aim is to decrease paper use and reduce our footprint on the environment. Please bring your smart phone, tablet or laptop and join us in using this in the digital age.  We will have a limited amount of paper programs, if you require paper option please let me know by emailing

As another way to reduce waste there will be no conference bag with associated paraphernalia at the 2018 Conference of Clubs.  However there will be other mementos available to purchase.

In the next week or so you will find additional information on the website about restaurants in the area and the optional activities for the accompanying persons. Check the Conference FAQ's page.

SISWP Federation President Theresa and the Conference Committee encourage you to attend the whole conference to get the full view of Soroptimists at work across the South West Pacific Federation.

The Conference of Clubs is a great opportunity to be with likeminded women who are committed to transforming the lives of women and girls.




Robyn Rose
2018 Conference Chair


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