Virtual COC2020 V2

Dear Soroptimists,


Owing to the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic with resurgence of lockdowns and restricted movement in almost all our member countries, we are unable to hold our SISWP Federation Conference of Clubs in Yogyakarta from 20-22 November 2020. We had postponed the Conference from May 2020 to late November in the hope that the situation would improve to enable overseas travel and your participation in the usual face-to-face conference.

Instead, we are holding a Virtual Conference over the same 3 days, Friday 20 November till Sunday 22 November 2020. This is an exciting and innovative growth opportunity for us, as the Conference will be streamed to you via dynamic videos and interactive panel sessions. It will be like watching an interactive smart television programme.

We will still have the amazing speakers that were lined up plus a couple more global eminent persons now that they can speak to us from wherever they are and not have to give up 3 days of their time to travel to Indonesia. There will be high demand workshops on Membership Growth, Programme and Projects Management, Grant Writing & Sponsorship as well as a Special VIP Guest Panel on Sustainability & Climate Action. We will discuss the Future of Service Clubs and the Prospects for Social Enterprises and Digital Clubs. You will have opportunities for Q&A sessions.

You will still be able to experience Wonderful Indonesia, the warmth and charm of the Indonesian people, their culture, heritage, music, dances, fine arts and a virtual tour of the UNESCO heritage sites in Yogyakarta. We will still have a Virtual Opening Ceremony, Best Practice Awards and President’s Special Awards Biennium 2018-2020 as well as Closing Ceremony with much vibrancy and elegance. You will have dress codes on each day to show up with your thematic wear online.


 CLICK HEREto access the Latest Version of the Conference Programme for the SISWP Virtual Conference of Clubs 2020 Yogyakarta.

We are in the process of finalising the new registration fees for the Virtual Conference and also the refunds for the surplus amount back to all delegates who registered for the face-to-face Conference in Yogyakarta. Registration for the SISWP Virtual Conference of Clubs 2020 Yogyakarta will re-open on 1 October 2020. All details of how to register and pay the Conference fees will be on SISWP Website with the relevant link. Do go online on 1 October to reserve your virtual seat.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this unprecedented time. We can assure you that this Virtual Conference is an experience worth waiting for.

With the Spirit of Soroptimist Service,









Anusha Santhirasthipam
SISWP President Biennium 2018-2020
SISWP Immediate Past President Biennium 2020-2022 


Sylva Hutagalung Sml








Sylva Hutagalung
SISWP COC2020 Organising Chair