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Safe, accessible water is crucial to preserving life. Water fuels our bodies, cleans our homes and clothes, drives industry, generates energy and irrigates the crops which feed the popu­lation. Growth in the world’s population and indus­trialisation, together with climate change and demographic shifts, all lead to an increased demand for water. Annually, four billion people experience severe water scarcity . Additionally, 663 mil­lion people lack ready access to improved sources of drinking water (World Water Development Report 2016). Women and girls are disproportionately affected – instead of earning an income or attending school, they are forced to be the primary water carriers for their families

It is increasingly accepted that women should play an important role in water management. Women are experts, agents of change, and perform an important role in achieving equitable access to water for all, and for all uses. Despite positive steps taken in past decades, the potential contributions of women in water development remain largely untapped, inhibit­ing women’s economic empowerment. Of the millions of paid water-related jobs worldwide, currently less than 17% of the positions are filled by women.

You are invited to support  ‘Women, Water and Leadership’ which is seeking to reach the goal of raising £350,000, empowering at least 500 women to be self-supporting and to enable and educate at least 100 women to move into leadership.

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