Sanctuary Shelter for Women LogoThe rate of violence against women and girls in Fiji is amongst the very highest in the world and shortages of shelters for victims of domestic violence mean women and children are often taken back to their own homes, where the offenders can re-offend.

Fiji is also very prone to natural disasters, in particular flooding and cyclones.  Both the risk of domestic violence and the incidence of sexual violence and exploitation increase in the aftermath of a disaster, largely due to the inability to provide protection for women and children during a disaster, and compounded by the additional pressures on families.


This project will fund the building of houses to provide shelters for women and children who are victims of violence and natural disasters

  • A safe home
  • A place to heal
  • A place to rebuild lives, be upskilled and empowered


We need your help in raising funds to provide these safe shelters which will enable and empower women to break the cycle of violence in Fiji.

SISWP will be accepting donations for this project up until 31st December 2020.

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