Soroptimists educate, empower and enable women and girls around the world.   Soroptimists "Educate to Lead" projects benefit women and girls. To enable Soroptimists to continue to improve the lives of Women and Girls, it is important that Soroptimist members are also educated to understand the organisation, its aims, vision and importantly to assist in the development of personal skills, and provide Leadership opportunities for our members.  

Soroptimist International of the South West Pacific is pleased to announce the introduction of a series of webinars which will benefit the development of Soroptimist members.

Documents to assist participants in the webinar series.

  pdf Webinar Attendee User Guide   - for attendees to a webinar, provides assistance on how to log onto a webinar and how to ask a question, among other things.

pdf GoTo Webinar user guide   - for members interested in presenting a webinar to SISWP members. 

Current Webinars available for viewing:- 
Soroptimists and the UN Webinar  Soroptimists and the UN for CSW 2015 Webinar just upload for Soroptimists attending CSW New York 2015, webinar presented by Dato Anusha Santhirasthipam,to assist members attending CSW
  Hidden Disasters - Violence against Women and Girls after disasters   - Presented by Soroptimist International, presenters were Debra Parkinson -   Debra resources the Gender and Disaster Taskforce in Victoria.  Rachael Mackay - a family violence trainer and women's health promoter.  Claire Zara - researcher into domestic violence and contributed to policy and practice change for emergency managment.
  Soroptimists and the UN Connection Presentation by Soroptimist Anusha Santhirasthipam, outlining how Soroptimists and the UN participate.  All Soroptimists should take the time to view this webinar. 
   SI President's Appeals - a presentation by past SI and SWP President Margaret Lobo
A brief overview of the history of SI Presidents' Appeals and a more detailed look at the 2007 Restoring Dignity and 2008 Restoring Dignity: Securing A Future appeals.
   Running a Happy Ship   - a presentation by Assistant Membership Convenor -Training, Laurie Swift.  A presentation encouring members to take Office
   ERA Affordable Housing Webinar - information and tips for members to advocate on this important issue.
  Hard to Get, Easy to Lose - a presentation by Assistant Membership Convenor – Training Laurie Swift - Retention of members - why do our members leave.
  SISWP Publicity Resources - a webinar presented by 2012-2014 Publicity Convenor - Christine Johnstone - providing an overview of where to locate publicity resources on the website, why we should use the templates, and consistent content.
  Using Webinar for training & Programme - a presentation by past SWP President Yvonne Simpson
A short taste of what a webinar looks and sounds like.