International Women's Day 2018

Bayside women are making a difference!

We strive for gender equity, human rights for all and peaceful solutions to conflict.

Please join us this IWD and help create positive changes for women and girls.

All community members welcome.


Guest Speakers: Claire Allsop & Renae Burke
How can young women develop a positive sense of self and live principled lives in the modern world? Claire and Renae are committed to community involvement and are helping to build a better society. By taking on various roles (including university student, worker, volunteer) they have expanded their spheres of influence and understand how their actions and decisions contribute to others. Their positive attitudes and willingness to be involved are inspiring. Join us this IWD to hear Claire and Renae talk about the importance of women and girls making a difference.


$500 School Project Prize - One school from the region will receive $500 to support a 2018 gender equity project.


$40 Entry and Breakfast
$35 Student/Concession
$150 Six Students
RSVP: 1 March 2018

Event Properties

Event Date 08-03-2018 (6:30 - 8:30)
Location Redlands Sporting Club