This webinar is a follow-up to the series of 8 webinars and 2-day virtual conference held from 6 Oct - 3 Nov 2020 on the theme Women,Water,Climate: Tackling the Challenges”

 which was made possible with a grant from the Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI) Asia’s Strategic Collaborative Fund (

 The 8 webinars included 3 case studies from SISWP; 1 each from Malaysia (Sarawak), Indonesia (Lombok) and Thailand.

The outcome of the case studies and conference were published in a document entitled “The Way Forward”. This panel discussion will focus on the findings of that document and will explore the interventions needed in taking the next decisive step forward in promoting a gold standard in water and climate sector management with particular reference to countries in South East Asia. We would like to ensure that women and youth are included at all levels of decision making from the start. Capacity building and training are crucial as women gain knowledge and experience which allows them to move up to positions of leadership in communities. All these outcomes require adequate funding and finances as well as collaboration with multiple stakeholders.

The Covid-19 pandemic has emphasised the need for clean water, hygiene and hand-washing to reduce virus transmission. It has also impacted and precipitated water and food insecurity as well as poverty arising from the economic downturn. Women, youth, the disabled and other marginalised communities have been disproportionately affected by the ravages of the pandemic - we need to find solutions.  


The panel will include the following:


Moderator: Dr Saradha Narayanan ( National Representative Malaysia, SISWP)

1) Dr Salmah Zakaria - (Chair, Academy of Sciences Malaysia Water Committee)

2) Ms Melita Grant (Senior Research Fellow specialising in Integrated Water Resources Management, University Technology Sydney))

3) Ms Kei Namba (YWP, Independent consultant  based in Berlin focusing on water governance, climate and sustainability in Asia and beyond)

4) Mr Ravi Narayanan ( Chair of the Asia Pacific Water Forum) - Expert discussant who will provide the Closing Remarks

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Event Date 26-07-2021 (4:00 - 5:30)