The NGOCSW63 Consultation Day. SISWP Scholarship Winner Kimberly Berem writes an exciting and moving account of her experiences at this event.

Consultation Day 3Catherine Evans SWP Programe Director and I attended the NGOCSW63 Consultation Day session today and I was truly inspired to do more from the discussions by the panelists.

It started with a presentation of Women of Distinction 2019 Award to Gharsanay IbnulAmeen, who at just 22 is the founder of Afghan Girls Sustainable Education Project and who has already made a big impact in her country to ensure girls get a education.

Countries all over the world have their own problems even the countries as old as time itself. No country is immune from all forms of violence, no country although independent is truly free from issues affecting its women and girls, the widows, the elderly, the children who need care, and more. Clean Water &Sanitation, Zero Hunger, Safe Transportation for Women, Ending of Violence for Women and all Women, Ending Child Marriages, Education for all children especially girl child, etc are some of the things we would like to see happening in our communities and around the world. Until then, WE (Humanity) have to keep beating the drums and keep away the voices and forces that will try to dim or drown our voices.

Listening to discussions from the panelists on the theme-Social Protection, Public Service and Infrustructure and Empowering Women got me thinking of what we all can do to contribute one way or another on the issues affecting humanity, not just women and girls. Each panelist had a time frame and spoke of the work they had done in line with the theme to start the discussions for the next 2 weeks.

The Civil Society is a global community of it's own with women from all over the globe fighting for the same cause for humanity and gender issues and women issues are not women matters it's for all humanity to work together as what women do has a ripple effect on the man, children, youth, elderly, the community and globally as well. WOMEN HAVE A VOICE! RAISE IT UP and KEEP it RAISED!

What moved me were the stories from Afganistan, Eqypt, Nepal, Peru, Iceland, Bangladesh, Namibia,Kenya, India are no different to Papua New Guinea and a few other countries in the SWP Federation. We want equal pay, we want social protection, we want our widows to continue successfully with life from what is rightfully theirs, we want Safe homes, streets, transport, schools, workplace for our women and girls, we want to end poverty and have better health care and better education.
I was sitting there with tears in my eyes and voices in my head going at each other screaming that a platform as this and a microphone like that would enable me to tell my story as well, not just for PNG but for my sister countries around me because although our stories are similar in nature, our circumstances and experiences are different.

You can have ideas and dreams but you need the right network, connection, platform and avenues to give your ideas and dreams the voice it needs..Go places, see people, build networks, share ideas and just put yourself out there for you to be noticed and heard. What good is a voice when it is not heard?


I left with this thought and want to challenge myself and All- This is the 63rd CSW Session, if European Nations, African Nations, Middle East, Asians, Ispanics can air their voices in such forums, the South West Pacific can do ours too..Stories are similar but, a story once told can never be forgotten and can impact someone and make a difference, small or big.



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