Grant of Friendship:SI Region Aotearoa New Zealand South

This grant is offered to a Soroptimist, two Soroptimists travelling together or a Soroptimist accompanied by her spouse or travelling companion.

The hospitality is to be taken during March 2020 and the successful applicant is offered a maximum of 21 days home hosting among the Clubs of the Region.

Return travel to New Zealand and travel between clubs is at the applicant’s own expense. Extra travel to areas where there are no clubs may be included but this is also at the applicant’s own expense.

The grant of friendship applies only to the South Island of New Zealand. If required, we will help with travel plans and proposed timing of itineraries. 

New Zealand has a no smoking policy at all indoor public facilities; this will include the homes of the hosts.
Applicants must be fluent In English, and must provide relevant health and/or special diet requirements in their application.

Soroptimists are invited to send their “reason for application” to:
Christine Stet
Friendship Grant Coordinator SIANZ South

Closing Date: 30 September 2019

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