December 10 marks the start of the International President’s Appeal which, apart from attendance at the Commission on the Status of Women, is the only occasion on which the 4 federations are united in action. This year our unified action is to address Women, Water and Leadership and over two years the four Federations will seek to raise 350,000 GBP to enable at least 500 women to be empowered to be self sufficient and have careers in the water industry.

Make a small sacrifice

Initially we ask members to make a personal sacrifice and donate the cost to the appeal. It may be the cost of coffee and cake, the cost of a ticket to see a movie or perhaps the cost of a bottle of wine. Clubs may choose to match this and we would hope that part funds from a fund raising event may be designated for this appeal.over the next two years.

Water, safe, clean and easily accessible water, is vital for health, food production and security, sanitation and employment. Natural disasters, conflict and crporate expansion all threaten access to water and inhibit the full development of women’s potential. This appeal seks to overcome barriers by:

  • Educating and empowering women and involving them in all phases of the project from design to implementation as well as Monitoring and evaluatio
  • Capacity development, vocational and leadership training are part of the project design
  • Increasing public awareness about the vital role of women and girls as equal partners in the water sector at every level.

It is intended to have at least 5 projects across the continents. Soroptimist International President Mariet will select two and the remainder will be by application. Projects may be recommended by Soroptimists and will be reviewed by the President’s Appeal Committee. It is hoped that each project will have a club in place to ensure smooth functioning.

Projects should be sustainable; they should be able to continue to thrive and be supported by women once funding is finished.
The first project has been selected and it aims to educate, empower and enable 500 women farmers in counties in Kenya where 70% of farmers are subsistence farmers and 60% of these are women. The project will ensure that women have adequate food and the opportunity for training to learn new skills to progress to commercial farming. A group of the most effective women will be given access to leadership training through a partnership with a local tertiary organisation.

Clubs and members can send donations to  the South West Pacific Federation headquarters, cleary noted it is for the President’s Appeal. Later it will be possible to donate to the Appeal or to a specific project.  

For more information the SISWP President's Appeal web page or the  Soroptimist International website