To break the cycle of violence against women we must understand how it is linked to disrespect and gender inequality.

ABC Our role as adults, has the biggest influence on the way young people think, learn and behave. Preventing violence against women can start by challenging gender stereotypes and promoting respect in the conversations and the way we behave around young people.

Our Watch “Its time to act on Our Watch – Around the world gender stereotypes and unequal power between men and women are the most important underlying causes of family violence.

We can stop this behaviour by saying NO to attitudes and behaviours that support gender inequality and violence”.

Display the Know Your A-Z poster in public places, encourage the men and boys around you to talk about their feelings, change the conversations you have with young girls to who she is, what she likes not what she ‘looks’ like, help young people understand sexual consent and oppose gender stereotypes – they harm men and women.

Download A-Z poster here

Resources and further Reading:

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