SISWP President Anusha Santhirasthipam was recently in Bangkok, Thailand with SI UN Representative Bangkok Dr. Theresa Devasahayam and SWP Membership Convenor Rosaline Miller attending United Nations meetings including Economic Empowerment of Women in Partnership with UN ESCAP (Economic and Social Commission Asia Pacific). Read more from Anusha's article here:

Economic empowerment of women in partnership with UN ESCAP (Economic and Social Commission Asia Pacific). A very fruitful meeting discussing issues of common interests. Reduce inequalities especially inequalities of opportunities and economic inequalities.

Issues and solutions to tackle forced migration, youth unemployment, aging society, political participation of women and gender responsive budgeting. Special emphasis on supporting women entrepreneurship, women's access to capital, ICT and SME development.

ESCAP is keen on our grassroots programme experiences, programme database and specific project experience, knowledge and best practices. Keen to obtain our written stories and impact reports to assist ESCAP with policy oriented research and advocacy for reforms.

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