Elections are Underway for the 2020-2022 SISWP President Elect.

View the Nominees for 2020-2022 SISWP President-Elect Videos and CVs and ...


The mail ballot for 2020-2022 SISWP President-Elect was sent out to all Clubs on Monday 29th April 2019.

Copies of the ballot forms are available on the SISWP Website under Downloads 2020-2022 Federation Positions Elections or Click Here to download.

Ballot slips should be sent by return email ONLY to this address swpreturningofficer@siswp.org (DO NOT send to SWP secretary or HQ).

Voting Closes Monday 10th June 2019 5 pm AEST.

Results for the nomination of President Elect will be announced in the June edition of the eBulletin to be published on Wednesday 12th June 2019.

Nominees for 2020-2022 SISWP President-Elect Videos and CVs

Joanne Fannin

SI Invercargill (New Zealand Aotearoa South Region) 

View Joanne Fannin CV Here 

Katherine Gribble

SI Barossa Valley (South Australia Region)

View Katherine Gribble CV Here