Best Practice Awards are presented by our Federation to acknowledge outstanding projects by member clubs. Nominations for projects implemented and completed during 2020 are NOW OPEN! 

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Best Practice Awards are presented by our Federation to acknowledge outstanding projects by member clubs. Our next acknowledgment is during the Interim Board Meeting in May this year. Awards are given in each of the Goal 2 Objectives i.e. Education, Elimination of Violence, Economic Empowerment, Food Security, Healthcare, Environment and Conflict Resolution.

Eligible projects are those implemented and completed during 2020. All projects must have been approved and published on the report database. The ID number required can be found on the report, either on the database or on the summary returned to the club. Any project which won at the last round of awards at the conference of Clubs in 2020 is not eligible this time.

The Programme of Service team reserves the right to not give an award in any category if the project is not considered to be of a sufficiently high standard even if it is the only nomination in a category.
Nominations are open on 22 March 2021 and must be received by close of business on 23 April 2021. That is 5.30 p.m. Sydney time (AEST). Nominations are via the electronic application form. Click here to go to the application form

A number of resources are available to clubs, although thorough project reports on the report database should make the process easier.

A PowerPoint on nominating for an award is available for download from the SISWP downloads area of the website, Click here to download (you must be logged in to the SISWP Website first).
Also located on the SISWP website downloads area is an example of the questions asked in the nomination form, which can be viewed in this word document. Click here

You can also download the example document application form here (11 KB) , and the  pdf guidelines here (1008 KB) . Always, remember the number of marks nominated to any question is indicative of the amount of information required.

Di Lockwood
SISWP Programme Director 2020-2022



Annual Programme reports required submission by 31st December
Nominations for Best Practice open March 22nd, 2021
Nominations for Best Practice Awards Close April 23rd, 2021