Soroptimist International of Bangsar is the successful applicant for the Brilliant Futures Fund - they will be able to implement their "Teenage Survival Kit" project.

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There were 8 nominations for the funding, each and every one of them would have delivered a quality project.

The Teenage Survival Kit project will address the many challenges facing teenagers today - stress, depression, bullying, sexual activity, peer pressure and others. Teenage girls are more vulnerable as they risk possible pregnancies and sexual harassment. Many of these issues are considered taboo in our society, our culture and education systems do not encourage open conversations on these topics. Teenagers feel they have no one to turn to. The program will cover the following 6 topics which are of major concern today - 1. Teenage Pregnancies and baby dumping. 2. Underage Sex & Child Marriage. 3. Depression & Mental Health. 4. Cyber Safety. 5. Bullying. 6. Sexual Grooming & Sexual Harassment. Besides providing knowledge, teenagers will be guided to resources where they can seek help. They can ask questions, discuss problems in a safe space with experts (including SICB members) in the relevant fields. The interaction will enhance their knowledge, enable them to share their concerns, learn from others, experience peer/adult support, improve their self-esteem and give them the confidence to deal with these daily issues. The girls will have a chance to stay in school, feel safe, continue with the education they deserve and grow up assured and armed with the tools to contribute to a happy and healthy community.

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