Notice of election for the Assistant Federation Programme Director and recall for unfilled positions. Voting closes on Wednesday 15 September 

Three people have been nominated for the two positions of Assistant Federation Programme Director, so an election will need to take place.

Nominations were received from:

Cesarina Gigante, SI Logan. Nominated by: SI Brisbane South / Seconded by: SI Logan
Sylvia Heywood, SI North Shore. Nominated by: SI North Shore / Seconded by: SI Tauranga
Saradha Narayanan, SI Damansara. Nominated by: SI Damansara / Seconded by: SI Westland

The nomination forms and CVs for these three nominees are available for download from the folder SISWP website here . Please Note: You must be logged into the SISWP Website for the link to work.

Please include this for a decision on your August Club Meeting Agendas. Clubs will be sent the voting link to the club email address on Wednesday 1 September and voting will close at 5pm AEST on Wednesday 15 September 2021. All elected position holders will take office at the First Board Meeting following the Federation Conference of Clubs in May 2022.

Recall for Federation Positions 

No nominations were received for the following five positions and a call for further nominations will be sent to clubs during August:

Public Relations Convenor
Programme Zone Co-ordinators (3)
Assistant Membership Convenor - Australia

Call for expression of interest for the following positions:

ICT Liaison
Webinar Coordinator

CV and nomination forms can be found here:  folder 2022-2024 Federation Postion Elections