A call for nominations for the 2022-2024 Biennium Federation positions is hereby announced and is required by 28 July 2021.

1. Federation Position Nomination Form click here

Positions Available 2022-2024 Biennium

2.4 Federation Constitution Convenor click here
2.5 Federation Finance Convenor click here
2.6 Federation Programme Director click here
2.7 Federation Treasurer click here
2.8 Federation Membership Convenor click here
2.12 Federation Public Relations Convenor click here
2.14 Federation Assistant Programme Director (2) click here
2.15 Federation Programme Zone Co-ordinators (4) click here
2.16 Federation Assistant Membership Convenors (3) click here

Nominees for election shall be nominated in writing by one Club and seconded in writing by another Club. The Nominee shall give her written consent to her nomination on the nomination form. CV templates have been created that are specific to each position and these have been sent to all club generic emails or may be downloaded from the website or requested from the Federation Secretary or SISWP HQ.

Nomination forms for all positions must be returned together with the CV form and photo for each nominee to Federation Secretary swpsecretary2020@siswp.org with a copy to SISWP HQ hq@siswp.org by 5pm Australian Eastern Standard Time on Wednesday 28 July 2021.

These nominations and CVs will be emailed to clubs on 1 August 2021.
If elections are required, these elections will be conducted by a secret postal/electronic ballot of clubs during August and September. Voting by clubs will close Thursday 30 September. Results will be announced in the 1 October Bulletin. Those elected shall take office at the conclusion of the Federation Conference of Clubs in May 2022.
An official notification letter, nomination form and CV templates have been emailed to all Clubs.

Club members are urged to read carefully the Roles and Responsibilities Manual for the above positions and if interested in standing for any of these positions to indicate to their club so that the nomination process can begin.
Roles & Responsibilities Manual May 2021 click here