President Anusha Santhirasthipam of Soroptimist International of the South West Pacific (SISWP) has launched a special appeal to support those affected by the disaster in Sulawesi and Lombok:

SISWP President’s Special Appeal: “Soroptimist Makmur Indonesia” Tsunami and Earthquakes Appeal

SISWP and the people of Indonesia desperately need your help. You can support the appeal by Donating Now. Every donation helps with funds being used to provide essential temporary shelter, emergency medical supplies, personal care and hygiene items, potable water and sanitation facilities.

"Our hope for those affected is to once again flourish and find peace in their homeland. MAKMUR being the opposite of poverty, meaning prosperous, articulates our plan for this Appeal and its recipients."


SI Indonesia 2What happened?

A 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit Indonesia on September 28, 2018 ravaging the island of Sulewasi, and other parts of Indonesia. The earthquake and following 10ft tsunami destroyed many parts of the region, killing more than 2,200 people with another 5,000 still missing.

Around 68,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed leaving 330,000 people without adequate shelter. With limited access via the airport and roads, many areas are yet to receive assistance.



Palu Indonesia SI Indonesia assistanceWhat are we doing?

SISWP initially funded SI Kemang, who partnered with local medical teams, to provide immediate emergency medical assistance for 500 families. More funding has been given for SI Kemang to dispatch medical supplies, personal care and sanitary items to Sulawesi.

SISWP has funded SI Jakarta to supply family-sized tents and blankets, primarily to women and girls in Sulawesi areas who have not received any aid assistance. They are homeless, vulnerable and in danger from violent crimes as well as serious illness caused by heavy rains and mosquito borne diseases, like Malaria.

SI Jakarta has been working in Lombok to support disaster-affected families with shelter and essential emergency supplies. However, further relief funds are needed to help families across Indonesia to:


• heal and recover with emergency healthcare and safety supplies;
• improve their access to water and sanitation facilities;
• build temporary and transitional shelter and schools;
• rebuild their livelihoods through early recovery interventions.

How can you help?

Your donations will go towards helping those affected, especially vulnerable women and children. $600,000 is needed to:

• Provide tents and plastic sheets for flooring;
• Deliver clean water equipment and sanitation facilities;
• Build temporary safe schools and supply education materials;
• Build toilets and enclosed bathing facilities for women and girls to take showers and manage their hygiene and feminine care;
• Provide first aid kits, sanitary packs and new mother-baby packs;
• Harvest rainwater;
• Provide food security through farming and animal rearing.