Each year, Soroptimist clubs, regions and nations are invited to nominate a project for the Best Practice Award.  The projects need to demonstrate their excellence in planning, administering and evaluating a project to transform lives for women and girls around the Federation,  This is a prestigious award, showcasing projects which have achieved results.


Objective 6:  Environmental sustainability/water/sanitation

SI Penang: Malaysia                                                  Project: Winds of Change                      PFR#42367

SI PenangThis project addressed the needs of a Women’s Welfare Council that assisted unwed mothers, single mothers and underprivileged children.

SI Penang set up an Environment Project Team, which identified that the Women's Welfare Council building, built in The building built in 1980 had poor air ventilation resulting in hot and stagnant air of very poor quality, this issue could create on going health issue for its residents, especially babies and young children.  The project team researched and installed installed 10 wind-powered turbine ventilators an energy efficient and effective system.  this action has greatly improved the air ventilation.