SI Griffith Overseas Workers 1Objective 3: Economic Empowerment   
Project: Exploitation of Overseas Workers

This project began through SI Griffith Soroptimist links with SI Mandurah (WA) and SI Moreton North (QLD) with these areas having high numbers of backpackers and other overseas workers and a need to help with advocacy specifically in relation to women backpackers and their safety.
During this advocacy work it was identified through data provided by the Australian Federal Police that there were large numbers of overseas workers to the Griffith area that were being exploited.

SI Griffith aim was to not only host a Community Forum to build awareness of this issue but also undertake further work on this issue, either locally or through advocacy at state and national levels.

SI Griffith created flyers and Facebook posts; media releases were written and sent to local radio stations and newspapers. 70 people attended the forum and further work with the local Salvation Army personnel enabled SI Griffith to organise assistance to overseas workers in the local area who needed help by providing basic food items and assistance in distributing “help” cards to overseas workers.

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