Objective Awards


SI Griffith ShineEducation - SI Griffith

SHINE – empowering & Enabling women

The club wished to provide education on well-being and empowerment and a survey result determined topics to be covered, They obtained a grant to fund the event and on the day they covered topics such as well-being, health, counselling and finance. Local experts were used and 96 women attended the day with very positive evaluations received

SI Griffith AlertElimination of Violence - SI Griffith
Always on ALERT-video series

The project was to create 16 videos including interviews with 15 local women of different ages, different backgrounds and different occupations and gave them the opportunity to have their voices heard as they shared with us the realities of how and why they don’t always feel safe. Videos would be released daily during the 16 Days of Activism. Men were also interviewed. The club’s Facebook had an increase in hits and a report on a “Women’s Voices” Consultation Conversation Café.

SI Karratha Womens PlaceEconomic Empowerment - SI Karratha
Karratha Women’s Place

The club was involved extensively and deeply in the creation of a unique community service for females living in the City of Karratha to assist them to maintain as well as enhance their social, mental and physical wellbeing by providing a range of programs, activities and services that empowers and enhances the experience of women of all ages, religious and cultural backgrounds. .It was the result of a Community Development Survey and a report on a “Women’s Voices” Consultation Conversation Café. Using an existing building Karratha Women’s Place has become a vital part of the community for women.

SI Lautoka Jasper Hostel Food SecurityFood Security - SI Lautoka
Jasper hostel Food Security

The World Hunger Rate shows that 820 million people are hungry globally. This can impact on education and health. The club chose Jasper Williams Hostel because it is a girls’ hostel and most of them come from socially challenging background whereby they can only afford to pay one dollar per meal. The club undertook planting vegetables and root crops in the grounds as this would greatly assist in supplementing the daily meals provided at the hostel. This project also lowers the food expenses, provides healthy, chemical free and a timely supply of food.

SI Ramu Menstrual Hygiene DayHealthcare - SI Ramu
Mental Hygiene Day

The club sought to celebrate Menstrual Hygiene Day as it is not a topic discussed because of cultural customs and taboos. Most girls have little understanding of the topic or the risk of pregnancy caused through ignorance. They visited a primary school and explained issues and distributed donated sanitary products. This is a project which can be replicated if products are available.

Region of Malaysia Clean Water Rural CommunitiesEnvironment - Region of Malaysia
Fresh Water to Rural Communities

This entry detailed the processes, stages and communication involved in a large project to bring fresh water to rural communities in Malaysia. It was the initiative of 6 clubs who gained support from partners. The first stages involved upskilling some female welders, installing rain water harvesting and improving access to water in two communities. Later stages included training in organic farming and crop establishment. Close communication with women in the area has meant improved self- confidence and ownership of activities and responsibilities.

SI Lautoka Orange the WorldConflict Resolution - SI Lautoka
Orange the World Activism

Fiji has some of the highest rates of violence against women and the club wanted a way to get information about the law and services to communities. They targeted two communities and invitations were sent to presentations by the Police and the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre The club organised the event, facts on violence, rape and the need for cyber security and the protection of children were presented. How to avoid violence was stressed.

President’s Special Awards

SI Lautoka and ACT Literacy ProjectProsper Across Borders - SI Lautoka and SI ACT and Monaro
Literacy Project

This project involved cooperation, funding and communication between two clubs. It was based on a longstanding project to foster literacy. Using partner funds 3 schools in Fiji were presented with a range of books to read. Students could then write a summary and awards were given at each School and at different levels by the clubs. This has been shown to be very effective at encouraging reading. The clubs communicated regularly at each stage of the project .

SI Damansara Building BridgesMentoring young creators - SI Damansara
Building Bridges Beyond Borders (BBBB)

BBBB is a collaboration between Volunteers UK! and SI Damansara where international students in their gap year are placed in homes or learning centres where they provide tutoring in groups or one to one, particularly for migrant children or refugees A curriculum has been established along with lesson plans. A range of volunteer organisations is involved to cater for the needs of these children and demand is consistent.




SI Bayside and Zonta Walk the TalkInterclub Skills Exchange - SI Bayside and Zonta
Walk the Talk Redlands

This Queensland club partnered with Zonta to create a community Walk to protest against violence against women This was the first type of event of this nature in the area. Representatives of the two clubs met regularly to determine processes to ensure a safe community events and to ensure that they had met all legal requirements. A successful event reflected careful planning and publicity.


Kimberly BeremIconic Rural Woman Leader - SI Ramu

The club nominated this women for her profession al role within the community and for her great contribution to the club. In their words: “ The Club has nominated her because she is the driving force behind the success of our club since her joining and we are honoured and proud of her achievement and would want for this recognition or award to be given to her as it will also reflect on our club as well. Also because she is so deserving of this award for the tireless efforts and sacrifices she makes to ensure the Soroptimist flag remains flying in our Community.”


SI Penang AquaponicsDevelop Social Enterprise - SI Penang
Aquaponics Project

The club wished to support the Women's Welfare Centre in Penang , a women's organisation that provides a wide range of services and assistance to women and girls in crisis. It struggled for funds and a project within its property seemed feasible. The club sought expert assistance and developed, in consultation with the Centre, an aquaculture project which produced vegetables which could be sold to raise funds It also provided training for special needs people. Sales days are always well attended and money goes back into services.

SI Bunbury 16 DaysBest Social Media Advocacy - SI Bunbury
Facebook activism for 16 Days 

Based on the 16 Days of Activism this begins with a street march and regular daily postings on the club Facebook page. A range of sources , Including government, was used and topics include statistics, action to take ,Speak up and staying safe. Club followers, including some international, have increased and Facebook statistics are also up as a result of this campaign.



Region of Malaysia Clean Water 2Best Short Documentary - Region of Malaysia
Fresh Water to Rural Communities

This video detailed the processes, stages and communication involved in a large project to bring fresh water to rural communities in Malaysia. An Initiative of 6 clubs who gained support from partners, it focussed on the first stages from providing water to the move towards food production and upskilling women ownership of activities and responsibilities. This short video looks at several stages of the project
Video link: :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhbKXxjekTE


SI Bayside Redlands Against violenceBest Club Facebook Page SI Bayside
Redlands against Violence

Started in October 2019 as part of a Walk the Talk campaign this Facebook page is still active and monitored regularly . While it continues to post about violence it also advertises community events and statistics show that it is still viewed regularly and serves its very diverse community in a number of effective. ways