Our SISEAP Federation Project – “Sanctuary: Shelter for Women” in Fiji is about to commence building SISEAP’s first Shelter in Lautoka. DONATE NOW!

Story by Theresa Lyford, SISWP IPP and Federation Project Liaison

Sanctuary Shelter for Women boundary pegsThis is an exciting time for our Federation Project which has taken some time to get off the ground but we will soon see the first building begin to take shape.

SISEAP Project Manager Dr Maria Doton was recently at the site with the Surveryor and Building Contractor for the pegging out the boundary of the property reading for final clearing, levelling of the land and checking of the building plans.

As your Federation Project Liaison working with the team in Fiji, I would like to ask our Clubs across the Federation to help us out by incorporating some of your local fundraising activities to also go towards this much needed project in Fiji. If you wish to donate money either as a Club or individually, please go to DONATE Button below and Donate online today!




Theresa Lyford
SISEAP IPP and Federation Project Liaison