Federation project - Sanctuary: Shelter for Women is now in it's final stages of the construction process! Urgent funding is now needed to finalise the fit out of the building!

Sanctuary Shelter Facebook banner bIn 2016 at the Conference of Clubs in Sydney your Clubs via your Club Delegates voted for “Sanctuary Shelter for Women” to be the 2016 – 2018 Federation Project. In 2018 President Anusha was gracious in allowing “Sanctuary Shelter for Women” project to continue throughout the 2018 – 2020 biennium.

This project has been an enormous undertaking and we are now excited to announce that we are now in the final stages of the construction process of our first Sanctuary building located in Lautoka Fiji, which is expected to be completed in 2020.

Your generous donations to date have enabled the building to be constructed. We now need your help as Clubs and Members across the Federation to enable us to complete the final stages of the build and fit out the building so that it can be used as a complete Shelter for Women and Children escaping domestic violence situations in Lautoka area in Fiji.

Urgent Funding is NOW required for:

Beds and Suitable Bedding – minimum 8 beds or 4 x 2 Bunks
Free-standing wardrobes – minimum 2

Shower and Bathroom:
Towels, Shower Mats, Hand Towels

Lounge Furniture suitable for 8 -12 people to utilize
Eg: Sofas, Chairs, small table and chairs, cushions and other suitable furnishings

Kitchen and Dining Room:
Fridge and Freezer – Large size required to cater for those in the house
Suitable crockery – plates, bowls etc
Cooking Equipment – pots, pans, various utensils
Linen: Table Cloths, Hand Towels, Tea Towels etc
Dining Table and Chairs to seat 8 – 12 people

Multi-Purpose Room:
Desks and Chairs for Counsellors, Lawyers and ancillary support staff/personnel to provide support services to Women and Children
Computer and Printer (could be second hand but need to be in good working order)

Other Requirements:
Installation of Telephone lines and a telephones
Window Coverings for each room for privacy
Floor Coverings or heavy-duty mats in each room

What can your Club do to enable this project to succeed?

1. Provide funding/donations for one of the rooms or areas listed

2. If your Club cannot help furnish a whole room, choose one or two of the above listed items and agree to provide donations to enable us to purchase those items on your behalf

3. Download the new Federation Project - Sanctuary: Shelter for Women eFlyer which you can email out to potential donors or print and hand out at your Club's next event.

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Download Flyer Here

or contact SISEAP HQ to purchase flyers hq@siswp.org 

The Federation Project needs your support to enable us to finish what we agreed to as a Federation of Clubs in 2016.

Remember, your donations to date have enabled us to undertake the construction of the “Sanctuary Shelter for Women” building. Further funding is needed to complete this project.



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